Parlan Active Management Strategy (PAMS) 7
U.S. Equity Long/Short

Parlan Financial Management Edge

The Parlan Active Management Strategy 7 utilizes a proprietary trading algorithm that relies on quantitative research, technical analysis and historical price movements of the S+P 500® Index to adjust the portfolio’s daily market exposure

A second position that offsets the first position does not occur and as a result the positions are either long or short but not simultaneously

  • The strategy offers 100% liquidity and no lock-up period
  • The investment objective is to meet or exceed the BarclayHedge U.S. Equity Long/Short Benchmark return
  • The strategy comprises a strategic rotation between U.S. Large Cap Equity (through leveraged investment products that range from -300% to +300% of the S+P 500® Index)
  • Tight stop/loss boundaries

Our Awards

2015-10-16_13-57-08.jpgPSN Databases – Top 10

  • Parlan Active Management Strategy 7
  • Net Return For Third Quarter Ending in September 2015
  • Sector: Equity Long/Short

BarclayHedge Databases – Top 10

  • Parlan Active Management Strategy 7
  • Net Return For August 2015
  • Sector: Equity Long/Short
This fund was ranked based on the data in Barclay Hedge's hedge fund database

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About Parlan Financial Corporation

  • A Registered Investment Advisory Firm
  • Compliant with Global Investment Performance Standards
  • Utilizes a Proprietary Trading Algorithm
  • Committed to Transparency
  • Demonstrated Longevity
  • Pledged to Sustainability
  • Unquestionable Scalability

Registered Investment Advisor

The U.S. Investment Advisors Act of 1940 and similar statutes regulates money managers in the United States as “investment advisors.”

Parlan Financial Corporation has continuously been registered since their doors opened in 1988.

The choice to be under the jurisdiction of the Investment Advisors Act of 1940 and State Regulatory Agencies emerges from Parlan’s commitment to observing the laws that were enacted to protect investors from unscrupulous and fraudulent activities.

GIPS Compliant

The Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS) is the industry standard for calculating performance returns. Becoming and maintaining GIPS compliance is usually reserved for only the largest investment firms serving mega institutions. Parlan Financial became compliant in 2009.

Parlan requires that everyone in the organization adhere to the highest ethical standards, regardless of associated operational costs. We do not embrace high ethical standards and GIPS compliance because they create a reputation of trust and respect for us, although this is a pleasant side effect. Or, because they help us obtain new business.

We pursue them for their own sake.

Proprietary Algorithm

The purpose of the algorithm is to add alpha (value) to the strategy. It combines the advantages of long/short tactical allocations which results in authenticated qualitative and quantitative performance results.

The underlying premise of the algorithm is to maximize total return regardless of market conditions and to provide capital appreciation consistent with the risk and return characteristics of the long/short strategy.

The first generation of the algorithm was developed by Parlan’s founder and graduate students from the University of Southern California in 1992. It has been modified five times with the last material change in September, 2014. It provides the perimeters for the daily positions.


Would you think an investment manager was in their right mind if they made available to their clients each trade transacted in real time?

Parlan Financial does just that.

We believe that only a manager who is committed to transparency, confident of their trading system, and determined to capture the business of the most sophisticated investors, has the intestinal fortitude to lift the veil of opaqueness.

While simultaneously making your job easier.


Parlan Financial Corporation has the distinct honor of being an on-going business for 27 years – without disruption. There are few investment management firms that can compare.

Only through multiple and extensive experiences consisting of market fluctuations, business cycles, human resource issues, and a myriad of unknowns does a firm garner institutional knowledge to adapt to adverse conditions as well as seize opportunities that less experienced firms are unable to identify.


Parlan Financial Corporation’s Stockholders have consistently affirmed their desire to continue the business and keep it intact for multiple generations. The board of directors intends to do all that is necessary to ensure the business thrives for its shareholders. 


One concern investors have when considering a new emerging manager is whether the performance track record and the viability of the business to function effectively will be negatively impacted due to an increase in assets under management.

The trading systems Parlan Financial Corporation employs are not impacted by the size of the account.

The S&P 500® Index is a capitalization-weighted index composed of 500 domestic common stocks. The companies included in the index have an average market capitalization of more than $36.89 billion dollars and a median market capitalization of $17.04 billion dollars as of September 30, 2015. Liquidity in this market is high.


  • Helyn C. Bolanis, CEO / CIO / Founder
  • 1979 Connecticut Mutual Life (now Mass Mutual)
  • 1988 Founded Parlan Financial as a fee-only financial planning firm
  • 1992 Developed the algorithm
  • 2009 GIPS Compliant
  • 2011-12 Rotary District 6600 Governor
  • 2016 Rotary Council on Legislation Representative

Founder’s Philosophy: An Honest and Trustworthy Approach

I prize the virtues of honesty and trustworthiness. From the moment our doors opened in 1988, we have been determined to make these virtues the primary reason people want to do business with Parlan Financial Group.

This approach translates all we do into an impressive and consistent track record of superior return on investments and outstanding client service. We translate honesty with transparency by showing every trade we make to our clients.

Our sense of honesty is offended if these attributes become only window dressing.

Continuous Innovation

Everyone has ideas. Everyone can be ambitious. But our experience is that even with those attributes, most people still stay within the boundaries that were laid by others before them. Most people aren’t willing to cross over the lines that are the edges of the box they dwell within.

It has been said of me on many occasions that “Her nature is such as she doesn’t just think outside the box. She doesn’t even know there is a box.”

The business model developed by the founder of Parlan Financial Corporation is changing the way we think about investment management. It has the potential to emerge as the most innovative trading strategy of the 21st century.

Consistency and Confidence

Gamblers in the stock market live to find the next Apple Computer. That is how they expect to offset losses in their portfolio.

We are not gamblers. Our confidence is born from the algorithm and strategy perimeters that in their simplicity has proven to achieve the consistency we were looking for.

Some have said that simplicity is brilliant.

Service Providers

Prime Broker for Trade Execution, Clearance, Settlement

Ceros Financial Services - Rockville, MD


National Financial Services - New York, NY

Auditor for GIPS Compliance

Absolute Performance Verification Services - Seattle, WA

Legal for legal review and consultation

Stark and Stark – New York, NY

Marshall & Melhorn – Toledo, OH

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