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Helyn C. Bolanis

CEO and Chief Investment Officer

“Eliminate as many factors as possible where poor judgment can negatively impact performance. Reduce decision-making to its simplest form. “-Helyn C. Bolanis

Helyn C. Bolanis is the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment Officer of Parlan Financial Corporation located in Toledo Ohio. She has been active in the investment industry since 1977, and founded Parlan Financial Corporation in 1988 to pursue her belief in active investment management and fee-only financial planning. She has over a quarter of a century of consecutive achievement as it leader and majority stockholder. The company has been continually registered as a Registered Investment Advisory firm since it was founded.  More  

During the early years, the business objective was to offer comprehensive wealth management to high net worth individuals and in doing so was hired by Fortune 50 companies to provide counsel for their key executives. It was during this period that she was instrumental in developing the proprietary investment algorithm that is the cornerstone of the firms’ trading model even today.

Beginning in 1997, she spearheaded a change in the direction for her firm and shifted her business objective from offering comprehensive financial planning to all clients to a focus on investment management. The firm began utilizing its flagship investment strategy in clients’ portfolios along with other strategies she developed.  

The firm’s investment philosophy seeks to provide the investor with five key elements:

1) Position and exposure transparency,

2) Clear and defined investment process,

3) Liquidity,

4) Relative returns and

5) Reasonable expectation to repeat performance

The firm’s decision-making process is a strategy that utilizes a proprietary trading algorithm that relies on quantitative research, technical analysis and price movement to adjust the portfolio’s daily market exposure. Important features include position sizing, profit taking, and stop/loss boundaries. The algorithm is a trade secret of the firm and is known only to its stock holders.

In 2009, armed with multiple years’ success, she and the Board of Directors voted to migrate from solely providing investment management to individuals to including Institutions and other Registered Investment Advisors (RIA’s). In doing so, she led the firm through the process of becoming Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS) compliant, which is the industry’s standard for performance presentations. Additionally, the firm utilizes an outside auditing firm to conduct a verification of the performance returns presented. Being GIPS compliant is a prerequisite for managing institutional and RIA assets. The firm now manages investments for registered investment advisers, individuals, businesses, and charitable trusts throughout the nation.

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Kristie K. Moses

Operations Manager and Vice-President of Marketing

Kristie K. Moses is the Vice-President of Marketing and Operations Manager at Parlan Financial Corporation. She joined Parlan in 2006 and has increased her job responsibilities from maintaining a smooth running office to include Client Service, assisting the marketing team, and bookkeeping. She graduated from Bowling Green State University with a Bachelor of Education degree.