Investment & Asset Management Firm For Individuals

You want to grow your assets so your family is protected from inflation? Looking forward to enjoying your retirement years and passing your wealth on to future generations?

Our Wealth Advisors will work with you to help build up the funds you'll need to satisfy all your requirements. We can help you:

  • Set clear goals for your retirement
  • Help you take control of your existing retirement savings
  • Maximise your use of generous tax allowances
  • Tailor an investment strategy appropriate to your needs
  • Maximise your post-tax income in retirement
  • Adapt to changing circumstances

Chief Investment Officer
Helyn Bolanis

  • 37 years Investment experience.
  • Registered as an IRA since 1988.
  • 26 years success as CEO.

From asset allocation to investment management, philanthropy to succession planning, our wealth management services draw on over 35 years’ experience with individuals, families and entrepreneurs.

At Parlan Financial Corp, our product, financial management, is not a one size fits all product. As a specialty boutique, we have designed our services to best fit the needs and wants of the affluent baby boomer.

Are you a high net worth individual who needs assistance with managing your investments? Schedule a free 30 minute Investment Strategy Session with Parlan Financial’s CIO – Helyn Bolanis to review your current investment status and discuss how our strategy may work for you.

In this session, you will have:

  • A clear financial understanding of your current situation and your potential financial future
  • Greater clarity about investment and finance options and the way forward including investment strategies
  • A realistic understanding of what is involved in investing and how your skills measure up to the job
  • Understand about when is the best time for you to invest and whether you want Parlan to act as your investment manager during the process

Please keep in mind that this offer only available for first 20 visitors and expires by July 31st 2014.