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Successful Executive Are you an executive, professional, or business owner who has substantial assets, is currently working and plans to continue working for another 5-15 years? Read More
Retiring Are you retired or nearing retirement and unsure of the best person to manage your money? Read More
Rotary Supporter Are you a Rotarian, or a special friend of Rotary, who is charitable-minded, and interested in supporting The Rotary Foundation, your district’s foundation, or even your own club’s foundation? Read More
Newly Wealthy Do you have, for the first time in your life, a substantial amount of money to invest, that came from an inheritance, lottery winnings, or selling a business? Read More
Terminally Ill Are you in the process of preparing your financial holdings for your spouse due to a terminal illness? Read More
Disgruntled Investor Have you had one or more financial advisors or wealth management firms and are unhappy with the investment results, service, or overall experience? Read More
Worried About Parents Are you concerned that your parents will run out of money because they are no longer able to make sound choices and judgments? Read More
Widow Are you a widow who now has the responsibility of managing your family’s wealth? Read More

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It is no secret that behind every successful money manager there is a written, measurable and repeatable investment strategy.
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