About Parlan Financial

The Beginning of Investment Management

Parlan Financial Corporation was founded in 1988 by Helyn C. Bolanis who has been active in the investment industry since 1977.

 Parlan was founded to pursue a belief in active investment management.   Ms. Bolanis has 28 consecutive years of achievement as CEO, Chief Investment Officer, and majority stockholder at the firm.

As a State of Ohio Securities and Exchange Commission registered investment advisory firm, Parlan Financial has been continually registered since 1988. During the early years, the business objective was to offer comprehensive financial planning to high net worth individuals and in doing so was hired by Fortune 50 companies to provide counsel for their key executives.

A Focus on Active Investment Management

Beginning in 1992, a change in the direction shifted the business objective to focus on active investment management.

It was during this period that the proprietary investment algorithm was developed, and became the cornerstone of the firms’ trading models even today. The flagship strategy Parlan Active Management Strategy  (PAMS ) was introduced into clients’ portfolios along with other strategies the firm developed. The results were stunning.

GIPS Compliance

The firm initiated the process of becoming compliant with the Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS), which is a prerequisite for managing institutional assets.

GIPS is a prerequisite for managing institutional  assets. Now the firm manages investments for ndividuals, businesses, and charitable trusts throughout the nation.

In 2009, armed with multiple years’ success, the Board of Directors voted to migrate from solely providing investment management to individuals to including Institutions, family offices and other Registered Investment Advisors (RIA’s).

Find Out How Parlan Can Help You

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