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Using Proven and Proprietary Algorithms, Parlan Actively Manages Investments to:

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Control Risk & Enhance Your Investment Performance

Using Proven and Proprietary Algorithms, Parlan Actively Manages Your Investments.

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Parlan's Active Investment Management Strategies

Positioned to benefit you, when the market is up and down

  • All strategies have an algorithm
  • Our flagship strategy is long/short
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What You Need to Know About Investing for Retirement

Not All Investment Managers or Strategies are Equal

  • Will your choices effect your retirement?
  • A strategy tailored to your needs
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Applying an Algorithm Can Yield Profitable Trading

A proven strategy and process that does not need perfect timing

  • Eliminate subjectivity
  • Strategic approach to gaining profits
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Our Process as a Registered Investment Advisory Firm

Investment philosophy


For over 15 years, Parlan has been using a set of guiding principles that inform and shape the investment decision-making process.

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investment strategy


Every investment firm needs a well documented strategy. One that will lead to consistent investment performance.

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Investment Approach

We use a proprietary trading algorithm that relies on quantitative research and technical analysis to adjust daily market exposure.

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investment risk

Exposure & Risk Control

In the investment world, risk can be either good or bad. Applying risk management controls should be a top priority.

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investment performance


Parlan is a GIPS compliant investment firm that follows a specific methodology for calculating performance results.

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Investment Team

Our team is led by Helyn Bolanis, the CEO & Chief Investment Officer, who has over 35 years of experience in the industry.

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Trading News

It is no secret that behind every successful investment manager there is a written, measurable and repeatable investment strategy.
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